A mum was forced into panic mode when her car door shut locking her baby inside alone.

The woman in question was in Ellesmere Port on Thursday with a friend when the frightening event happened.

The woman said her friend had placed the little boy into his car seat and put the keys down inside while she walked round to the other side of the car.

But while walking around the car to the front seat, the door shut and locked the baby and the keys inside with no way of getting out.

As her worry began to set in, the mum said her baby was able to sense the panic of the situation and began ‘screaming’ while the two women watched from outside of the car.


The friend immediately rang the local garage to help resolve the situation who they said arrived 'in minutes' to rescue to child.

The incident ended happily as following action from Ellesemere Port Garage Services, the mum and baby were reunited safely.

Thanking her saviours on Facebook, the mum wrote on a community page: “Thank you so much to the man that came out in minutes from Ellesmere Port garage services on Telford Road to help when my baby got locked in my car.

“My friend put him in the car seat, put the keys on the seat and when she went to walk round the other side of the car the door shut locking the baby in and the keys.

“Panic set in as the baby knew something was wrong and started screaming, my friend rang these and was there in minutes to get in the car.

“Ellesmere Port Garage Services, from the bottom of my heart thank you so so much.

“My head was gone and I didn’t even get to thank you properly.

“True pride in the port.”

The post was liked over 140 times by people across Ellesmere Port who are relieved to know the baby was rescued within a short amount of time.

One person commented: "Well done Ellesmere Port garage services."

Another labelled the person who attended to help the mum a "top man".

A third said: "Glad you got sorted quickly! How amazing of them getting there so quickly."

The mum responded to one comment saying she 'hasn't stopped crying' since Thursday's events and she 'never wants it to happen again'.